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Saturday 23th July 2011

Central Park, Westhoughton

Community Support

Without the support of various organisations and kind donations it would be impossible to put on an event like Howfenfest or grow it into a broader community-wide event. We are grateful to both Westhoughton Town Council and Bolton Council for their financial support, particularly in enabling us to make the first part of the event free and accessible to all.

We'd like to thank the following...

  1. Bolton Council's Greenspace Department for their help in putting on the event in Central Park.

  2. BL5 Directory for their support in promoting our event. Also Bolton Scene, Bolton Council (Marketing), The Advertiser.

  3. Westhoughton Kids Club for use of their car park

  4. Greater Manchester Youth Network (GMYN) for supplying volunteers for the event

  5. Bolton Community Network for help with community participation.

  6. Arthur Silcock's for their logistical help and contribution to our event. Silcock's Amusements have been visiting Westhoughton for more than 100 years

  7. The White Horse pub, Bolton Road, for selling tickets on our behalf

  8. Danny Broadhurst, John Leather and Kico Club Bolton, for hosting the Howfenfest afterparty for the last 3 years.

And finally, a BIG THANK YOU to all of the artists and performers who have and will have given their time and performed at Howfenfest. Without whom, Howfenfest would not be in its third successful year.

Local shops and businesses that have kindly donated to our raffle include:

  1. Barts (Tea Rooms), Wigan Road

  2. Blooming Flowers, Market Street

  3. Westhoughton Pet Supplies, Wood Street

  4. Beautyful, Market Street

  5. Boys t' Men Barbers

  6. Bathroom Design & Supply Ltd, Market Street

  7. The Co-op, Pavilion Square

  8. Lidl, Fairways

  9. The Red Lion, Wigan Road

  10. Toy Masters, Westhoughton

  11. Peter Jon, Bolton Road

  12. JG Studio (Therapi), Market Street

  13. Fabulous Nails, Market Street

We would welcome further donations and offers from local businesses in our efforts to raise funds to ensure that Howfenfest can be staged and continue.

Credit must also go out to the following people for their help through the years:

  1. James Killcross: Howfenest logo

  2. Stacey Smith: photos from Howfenfest 2008 are featured across the site

  3. Karen Lawrinson: photos from Howfenfest 2009 are featured across the site

  4. Kimberly Stair-Ritchie: photos from Howfenfest 2010 are featured across the site

  5. RoxAnne Tierney: photos from Howfenfest 2010 are featured across the site

  6. Matthew Chadwick: website